Scenes from The Hague

A small selection of scenes from my regular walks in The Hague. I don’t go out with an idea of what I want to photograph. I mostly walk around and see what catches my eye or evokes an emotion. The surfers represent my beach DNA, being from Aruba and all that.

I combined my black and white photos with the misty morning photos to create a moodful contrast of my surroundings in The Hague. It’s a small city and I tend to stick to the places that have my favourite coffee, bread, and food. When my homesickness for Aruba peaks in the summer, I head over to Scheveningen to breathe in the scents of the seas.

Two surfers on the way to the beach. Black and white photo
Chinatown entrance on a misty morning
People outside Bartine enjoyin their coffee. Inside two people looking outside at the me and smiling. Black and white
MIsty morning, two people crossing the street in different direction
Surfer biking with his surfboard on the side. Black and white
Bridge over water on a misty morning, lone biker on the bridge
Two people on a bench having lunch overlooking Buitenhof water. Black and white.
MIsty morning canal water behind Noordeinde palace
Front of DuckRabbit Coffee Brewers, tow pople sitting at the window looking ate me. Black and white
Misty morning street in Chinatown, biker in the far biking away. Two people walking together on the side walk
Two girls having lunch in a bench on Lange Poten. Black and white